Women’s Leadership Program: “Find your Voice”

Do you find yourself…

  • Holding back on what you really think or feel?
  • Saying “yes” to great advancement opportunities that just turn into lot of extra work?
  • Suspecting you have more to contribute?
  • Exhausted by your own flexibility, adaptability and ease with compromise?
  • Wishing you could speak more calmly and firmly when you experience or observe a dynamic related to gender, age, or racial bias?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this program is for you.

In this dynamic, 6-month Leadership Program, you will learn and practice and commit to:

Strong women.jpg
  • Ask for what you need

  • Confront others when their actions bother you

  • Express more parts of yourself

  • Engage in less self-criticism

  • Take risks

  • Raise and resolve conflict

  • Trust your intuition

  • Become more influential

In a small curated group of women leaders hand-picked through Rebecca’s network, you will have the opportunity to meet other values-driven women from diverse backgrounds who want to make a positive social impact on the world and likewise seek to lead using non-dominant, collaborative approaches.  Women in this group know they may appear confident and “successful” but they also struggle to embrace their own power.  Women in this group will be committed to taking advantage of this moment in their lives and career to make a change and elevate their impact and influence.

Program Flow

Exploring our identity and history
What are our needs and is it ok to have them?
Calming the inner critic
Creating a vision and intention for what’s possible
Cultivating intuition through visual imagery and body awareness
Practicing and role playing using positive assertive language


Free Exploratory Call to find out if this Program is right for you

Group Kick-Off and Program Orientation
Personal One on One Assessment and Goal Setting Session

Full Group Retreat

April – June:
Monthly Group Calls
Monthly personal one on one coaching sessions

Final Celebration!

Tuition: $4,250

Deposit:  $1,250

5 Monthly Payments:  $500

Early Bird Discount:  Sign-up before December 31st and receive 10% off!

Space is limited.

Sign up for your free exploratory call now by clicking here or emailing Rebecca at acedmolina@gmailcom

Rebecca's Bio

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Rebecca is a certified professional coach, leadership trainer, and organizational facilitator.  For over 18 years Rebecca has worked in all facets of leadership development. She has held in-house director level positions, managed global health fellowships at the Public Health Institute, and run her own consulting practice since 2000.  She got her start as a summer camp counselor, has worked as an administrative assistant, and also as a community organizer.  Rebecca is fluent in Spanish and English – her exploration of language, culture and identity taking her from teenage do-gooder in Mexico, to exploring her family’s roots in Spain, to immigrant rights activist in Oakland, to supporting the end of maternal and neo-natal preventable deaths in Central America. 

Rebecca currently runs her own coaching practice where she works with women in leadership positions find their voice, deepen their impact, and broaden their visibility; while dropping the need to please or over-perform.

Rebecca serves on faculty at Leadership that Works, an International Coach Federation accredited coach training program, teaches Coaching for Managers, Facilitation Skills, and Conflict Resolution at Compasspoint Nonprofit Services, and also facilitates a course on interpersonal dynamics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.   

When not coaching, Rebecca can be found dancing at Rhythm and Motion, lost in a novel, or cheering on her teenage kids on the soccer field or dance studio.


Rebecca is amazing. She is extremely thoughtful and kind. She demonstrates great facilitation by addressing the energy present in moment.
— Workshop Participant
I had only heard about “professional, executive, life coaching” and I always thought coaching was a luxury item that only super important people who made a ton of money did. I didn’t think I would ever splurge on myself to get a coach. When my organization sponsored my coaching, my perceptions were proven not to be reality.

From day one of our journey together, I felt important, heard, held, and understood.

There were a few sessions I can think of immediately that were particularly transformational. When you walked me through expanding the view. Wow!! All I can say is WOW! I have no deep words here. But the call LITERALLY changed my life. I have learned to look at each perspective and enjoy learning where that perspective is coming from. Phenomenal. Not only has that helped me but I also have been able to assist others in recognizing and honoring their emotions as well. What a wonderful ripple effect.

Besides giving me the outlet to realize my dreams you have also provided me support in making my dreams a reality. I am doing it now! I am really doin it!!! There have been huge leaps, baby steps and different sized ones in between. Rebecca... I am a better version of myself because of you.
— Coaching Client