A 6-month Group Leadership Program for Women.

If you find yourself…  

  • Saying “yes” to “great advancement opportunities” that just turn into lot of extra work?

  • Wishing you could speak more calmly and firmly when you experience or observe gender, age, or racial bias? 

  • Seeking ways to increase your visibility as a leader, without coming across as arrogant?

  • Ready to contribute towards an impact that matters?

  • Wanting to move from “problem-solver” to “visionary”?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this program is for you.

During FIND YOUR VOICE you will expand your ability to:

Strong women (1).jpg

·         Ask for what you need

·         Confront others when their actions bother you

·         Express more parts of yourself

·         Engage in less self-criticism

·         Take worth while risks

·         Raise and resolve conflict

·         Trust your intuition

·         Become more influential 

In a small curated group of women leaders hand-picked through Rebecca’s network, you will have the opportunity to meet other values-driven women from diverse backgrounds who want to make a positive social impact on the world and likewise seek to lead using non-dominant, collaborative approaches.  Women in this group know they may appear confident and “successful” but they also struggle to embrace their own power.  Women in this group will be committed to taking advantage of this moment in their lives and career to make a change and elevate their impact and influence. 

2019 Timeline


Free Exploratory Call to Find Out if This Program is Right for You


Group Kick-Off Program Orientation

Personal One on One Assessment and Goal Setting Session


Full Group Retreat

(Hold Saturday March 23rd Downtown Oakland, 9:30am - 3:30pm)

April – June

Monthly Group Calls

Monthly personal one on one coaching sessions


Final Celebration!

Sign up for your free exploratory call now by clicking here or emailing Rebecca @ acemolina@gmail.com.

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Rebecca’s Story

I have always considered myself a feminist and a strong and ambitious woman. I was in middle school when I led my first peaceful protest, organizing a “sit in” on the basketball court at recess until the boys shared it 50/50 with the girls. And while I have always been driven and fiercely dedicated to social justice, it wasn’t until around mid life, that I realized how strong gender socialization can be. It wasn’t until I became a mom and watched my male colleagues’ careers advance at a much faster pace, that I saw how our economy still favors men. It was until fairly recently that I started to see the ways I had built my career not only on ambition, but also “being flexible, anticipating others’ needs, and staying positive.”

I had been socialized in ways that made it hard for me to disagree with my boss, ask for what I need at work or in my personal relationships, or assume that I could really be truly successful.

Here’s the thing. Many people would say - well that’s just your personality, you can’t change that. I disagree. When I became certified as a coach, in 2011, I began to develop new ways of thinking, learned to tune into my body and actually listen, to foster a healthier relationship with my feelings, and - probably most importantly - to take actions outside my comfort zone, that over time, created new openings for my personal and professional relationships to flourish. This is what I want for you too!

“Find Your Voice” is where I have blended what I have learned over 7 years of coaching, and more than 20 designing, leading and evaluating leadership programs, to an interactive and truly transformational experience.

When not coaching or leading her own programs, Rebecca serves on faculty at Leadership that Works, an International Coach Federation accredited coach training program, teaches Coaching for Managers, Facilitation Skills, and Conflict Resolution at Compasspoint Nonprofit Services, and also facilitates a course on interpersonal dynamics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Tuition: $4250

Initial Deposit: $1500

5 Monthly Payments: $500

Early Bird Discount: Enroll before Jan. 15th and get 10% off

Space is limited - confirm your spot early.