My name is Rebecca Aced-Molina.  As a coach and consultant, I work with women leaders to transform your personal and professional life so you feel more confident and work with purpose and ease.  I also support organizations create genuine collaboration, heartfelt accountability to results, and authentic engagement.    

My clients typically come from community benefit, public health or social change organizations; as that is where my backgrounds lies as well.  In addition to coaching and consulting, I teach facilitation, coaching for managers, and conflict resolution with power and privilege in mind, at Compasspoint Non-profit Services; marketing and business development for new coaches at Leadership that Works, and co-facilitate an Interpersonal Dynamics course at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Here's what people are saying about working with Rebecca:

"I feel my relationship to leadership taking an entirely new shape after working with Rebecca. I had gotten to a place of feeling overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated in my role. I now can see how interconnected my own cycles of shame and worth have been woven into my thinking about productivity and impact at work. A new picture is emerging in my role-- one that invites in new ways of seeing, being and holding my truth at a higher altitude. I see more opportunity, choice and space in places that used to feel suffocating."


The empowered leader

Transition to executive leadership with calm and confidence.

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The empowered organization

Find out what's possible when a group unites in trust, courageous truth-telling and mutual respect.

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The image in the banner is a doorway in the Alhambra Palace in Granada Spain. It was built during the 1200s, a time in which the Muslim, Christian and Jewish populations lived in harmony. They shared poetry, sacred texts, and innovative engineering techniques. The multi-cultural, non-dualistic thinking that flourished during this time period is an inspiration to me and my work with diverse people, organizations and communities.