Have you recently risen to a new level of executive leadership? 

You are probably excited, honored, and relieved at this opportunity and want to make the most of it.  You have worked hard to get here.  You may have held back on all you have to offer until you felt you could “legitimately” lead.  And now - finally, you have the resources and the authority to be truly strategic. 

The logical part of you knows that you deserve this position, are perfectly capable, and excited about what’s next.  A more secret part wonders at times, if you can really hack it, or how long you can keep up what feels like a ridiculous pace.  For women leaders in particular, navigating the undercurrent of sexism still embedded in the public sphere, can be particularly challenging in upper management.  I work with women leaders who want to be excellent at what you do and make a positive impact on the world, without sacrificing your sanity.  I work with you intensively behind the scenes, supporting you to be at your best.

results you can expect:

1.       A clear working framework of your unique leadership approach.

2.       Understanding your highest priorities and desired “wins” as a leader for the next year and a plan for how to get there, (without over-promising and over-extending). 

3.       A tailored set of tools and processses that combine the best evidence and your particular strengths for key leadership tasks such as developing strategy, supervising staff, sharing leadership, managing conflict, and decision making.

4.       Calm and Confidence in who you are, what you bring, and your overall value for the organization, the mission and the work.  


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