Are you ready to Reclaim Your Life?  

How about taking your dreams seriously this year?  After twenty years of leading international leadership programs and hundreds of hours of coaching, I know what it takes to ignite and sustain real change.  Release, Play, Love is designed for those who are seekers, yearning to live a life of purpose, meaning, and impact, without sacrificing their sanity.  The program is designed for those those ready for a breakthrough year.  

Welcome to Release, Play, Love!


In the "release" portion of your journey,  you will identify and release roles that no longer serve you, let go of out dated beliefs about what you were “supposed to be”, and above all, open up to the vital potential inside you, yet to be expressed. With the support of Rebecca's coaching, you will begin or deepen a mindfulness practice that will serve as a foundation throughout your journey.   


If you are like me, (and so many of my clients), there is a part of you who takes yourself, your work, and your purpose in the world very seriously.  Usually, underneath that ernest attention, drive, and willingness to challenge yourself, there is another part of you that wants to rest, experience the moment, be more present, and have more fun!  You might feel guilty about these yearnings, except that fun is an essential part of connecting with your spiritual center, your creative core, and your natural gifits.   Guided exercises you can complete at home and in your every day life will bring more lightness to your life and are an essential piece of transformational approach.  


Love is the most essential experience of being human, and can feel the most elusive.  Paradoxically, love is also the most accessible.  We all have the power to show compassion for ourselves and experience the impact of embracing all that we are fully.  With Rebecca's heart felt guidance, you will design your own "love project." This could mean truly attending to your needs, taking on a project just because you want to - not because its practical, or changing careers to something more fulfilling.  

An Opportunity to Get Away!  

An extension of the individual Release, Play, Love experience is personalized and/or group retreats.  Examples include; visiting Green Gulch Zen Center, where we have practiced yoga, taken walks on the beach, meditated and created visuals (vision boards, puppets, altered books) that serve as powerful reminders of who we are becoming. International jorneys are also an option, depending on interest.  

Book a private consultation with Rebecca to explore if this program is right for you.